The Story...


At 6-years-old, my parents discovered an issue with my hearing, the first of many obstacles that I have overcome while pursuing my love for music. After reconstructive surgery, I was able to hear and I still remember the first song I heard on the radio. 

That's when my life truly began and music has motivated me and carried my focus since. I started playing the acoustic guitar at the age of 9, and more instruments followed. 

My life as a DJ started in the ’90s when I was 15. My friends were all about the underground music scene where DJs would spin vinyl. Shortly after, I began creating hip-hop for my friends and me. I then progressed to electronic music.

As I grew, I educated myself with music composition and instrumentation. Eventually I was approached to explore the commercial side of the music business. From that moment on, I realized this was a long-term career that I was going to pursue. 

I feel honored and devoted to the craft that is now my career. I've had the pleasure to work with great composers, as music supervisor, and post audio for film. After honing my skills as a mixing engineer, I picked up Mastering.

I now provide a professional service for Post Audio, Sound Design, Music Supervision, Remixing, Music Producing, Mixing, and Mastering.

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